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Do the unthinkable…While achieving the impossible. – EB

Disruptions are exactly what they are…disruptions.

They happen unexpectedly.

They cause a pause in certain things.

They sometimes make you want to just throw something.

Disruptions entered my life (not for the first time…I honestly feel like they have been piling up, but that’s a whole different story) this past weekend when 100 mph winds decided to break dance through Tulsa.  And not just any part of Tulsa…I’m talking right outside my hotel window – to a point where the tree that is on the side of the street profusely did a gangsta lean into the window.

I knew life was going to change instantly the moment the thunder roared and then lightning hit so violently that my whole hotel room turned blue enough to make it look like a time portal was about to open.  You may be wondering how I saw all of this when I should’ve taken cover.  Well…once I got the cat into the bathroom, I then realized that the other important items were still out in the open. My laptop and tablet.  Yes, those are very important and crucial the way my life is set up at this moment. 

So…blue lights took over the room like a Smurf convention opening and then everything went pitch black.  No lights. No air conditioning. Refrigerator stopped running. Everything just stopped…except time.

As you can imagine…the next few days were full of reminding myself to not throw anything. The scavenger hunt for places that had working Wi-Fi became the top priority of my morning…well one of them.  Then it was a race to get everything done before sundown because everything would be pitch black at a certain point of the night.

All of me came to a breaking point.  I was so over it.  I wanted to just disappear and not resurface until everything returned to normal.

The electricity finally came back on…days later.  Wi-Fi eventually came back on…two days later after the electricity.  So…are things really back to normal? Nope.

Disruptions have a way of making you revaluate things in your life.  The people in your life. Your routines. Everything.  They make you stay within yourself to hear as needed…and you also stay away from people to not spill over on them as well.  Disruptions sometimes causes you to throw things away and force you to start over (I can’t even talk about how much food I had to throw away).

This disruption has made me begin to truly press in more on why I exist and what I want to accomplish.  It has made me re-evaluate what I will make excuses for…who I will make excuses for – along with what/who is even worthy to remain in my life furthermore.  I have revamped my business at least 100 times in my mind and heart, while sitting in complete darkness.  I have truly questioned the existence of my spiritual soul within this physical world.

Hence…why things did not return back to normal.

Disruptions can take everything out of you…only to force you to take a moment to regroup as needed.  Disruptions are presented to either shift us into an elevation season or to keep us bound to what we thought was normal.  Disruptions creep up to test our complacencies and mediocracies.  Will we remain the same or will we change?

Sometimes disruptions leave you empty of thoughts and words…as I am in the moment. BUT it is meant to be embraced as you let your silent screams and cries speak your inner truths. Some people may not understand your disruption journey.  Be ok if they don’t. Just keep moving as you need to.

What disruptions are taking place in your life? It can be dealing with your finances, relationships…Let’s be real…It can be dealing with ANYTHING! Allow your physical self to purge what needs to be purged in thoughts, emotions, and feelings.  Once the purge is complete, tap into your spiritual self to get reconnected and get grounded as needed.

Will there be more disruptions to come? I’m sure there will be.  It would just be a matter of you deciding to stay the same…or to whole heartedly continuously break down your comfort zone walls in order to elevate to the next level.

Madd Luv,


Do the unthinkable…while achieving the impossible.

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EB (pronounced Ebb) is a force of nature - an unconventional business advisor and life hacker. With over 20 years of experience in business advisory and consulting and a passion for helping people divorce their comfort zones, she’s been dubbed the ‘comfort whisperer’ because she knows just how to crack through comfort zones and help her clients reach amazing heights. EB knows intuitively how to read the field of play, recognize opportunities, and create an impeccable strategy that takes advantage of her expertise and deep understanding of business dynamics. With EB as your LegaciPartner, you can finally realize the success that has eluded you for so long.

EB is a Community Influencer, Creative Thought Leader, Founder of PurposedPartners, Co-Founder of Legaci Circulation, Galvanizer for MAFIA Lyfe Faith Community, mother, mentor, and a voice for those who have been silenced. She is an influential author whose words serve notice for immediate change on both the powers of darkness, as well as those who would take the easy way out. In a phrase she has evolved into a Divine Disruptor of all realms she finds herself.

If you are stuck, she can help. If you are unsure, she is there. If you still don’t believe that God is doing a “new” thing, she will demonstrate. If you just need your mind blown, give her a call! Your life, business, ministry, family, vision, expectations, and purpose will never be the same.

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